The author of this blog (Dougubako).An indoor type who has a dog and is not good at English.

T7 Soccer

Today's physical education is soccer. The most in the school year, Hiramatsu-kun of handsome. Yellow cheers fly as he kicks the ball. It is struggling from a handsome Hiramatsu-kun to score a goal. Hereupon・・・ It's not a fake・・・.(No ikasama)

T6 With this thing and that・・・

With this thing and that,Takopichi and the students seem to have become friends. Yamanaka teacher to be relieved. At that time, There was a person thinking alone in the everyone.・・・ Oh, what a that takoyaki !

T5 Communicate your feelings

Yamanaka teacher was able to regain his composure when he saw the panicked student in front of him. He suddenly remembers what the principal was saying・・・ Because it's the first day. It happens.

Graduation Congratulations

A high school student I saw at the station yesterday morning. Paper bag in hand containing the flower. Ah, I wondered if it was a graduation ceremony today. I wonder if the high school girls were purchased flowers to give to graduates as a representative ...

T4 Self-introduction

Yamanaka new teacher will be introduced to a mysterious student at transferred to a post. Desperately swallow the situation・・・・ That's right, after all(T_T)

T3 Greetings to the principal

Yamanaka new teacher was surprised and shouted. Yamanaka(I did something rude to the principal at the first meeting、、Let's apologize anyway・・・) Yamanaka new tacher panics!!

A Happy New Year 2021

  It seems that tomorrow is “Lichun”, which is the Chinese New Year. It's late, but happy new year. Hair pattern is cow-shaped. The dog take on a troubled expression。。。 It was my first dream. Today is Setsubun. Dogs also love beans. Dogs can eat as m ...

T2 First meeting

The beginning of the second semester of an elementary school. He is new teacher. Under tension,when I go to say hello to the principal ・・・  

T1 Itch

The last night of the hot summer. A boy who wants to eat takoyaki. While waiting, the boy was bitten by a mosquito ...   What the boy saw behind the noren ... ?? Will continue next time!