I started caricature.


Today is a picture diary & notice.

We are accepting caricature requests!







The above services draw caricatures based on your photos! It is a service called.
The content of the two services is the same. I tried to sell the person and the animal separately.

From here, I will explain the details of your request.

*Delivery time is 7 days. Please consult us.

*Delivery data is png or jpg.
(Please print it by yourself.)

*Delivery size 300 dpi

*Optional service
○Addition of people / animals (per person / animal) + 1500 yen
○Commercial use +2000 yen
○Secondary use +2000 yen

*The background is blurry like a sample.

*You can change the color to your liking as long as it is a single color.
(Monochrome if you do not wish)

※We do not have a track record, so we plan to revise the price every 5 requests.

I am aiming to improve my skills, hoping that it will lead to improved drawing skills.
It ’s good to be enthusiastic, but ...
I'm really nervous.
A long time ago, I had a part-time job of caricature for only two days.
Caricature work since then ...
Well, I'm full of anxiety about whether it will work. ..

I'm sorry I agitated my anxiety.
I will draw it in good faith, so please consider it.

We also accept caricature requests from the inquiry form/ お問い合わせフォーム
on the footbar (bottom) of this blog.
Please feel free to contact us as we can provide consultations and quotations.

Color / Monochrome
Color / Monochrome
Color (change) / Sepia

I will continue to produce manga and picture diaries from time to time,
I look forward to your continued support of this blog.

See you again.