Also, the claws have cracked.

If my claws are cracked or cut too short, the tip will float ...

Because of that, my claws are getting narrower and narrower.

I put an adhesive plaster on it so that the claws wouldn't disappear anymore.

However, probably because of the 100-yen bandage, it is easy to peel off when it gets wet, and the bandage wears off quickly ...

As a result of thinking, I put masking tape on it.

This is pretty good.

Since only the claw part is attached, it is hard to peel off and the area where the skin is soggy is small.

You can also enjoy the design ♪

A small drawing of Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga.

If you change the tape, you can meet new patterns again.

That's it. It was a story of my own enjoyment 〜〜