White T-shirt(Stylish old man version)

This is the 4th white T-shirt .

I want to be this old!

I drew such an old man's outfit.

White T-shirt )Any white T-shirt ! I personally think that underwear T-shirts are also good.

Tenugui ) Coordination that looks natural when you are old man's age!

Jeans ) It is finished in super natural fading & cut-off denim due to aging!

Geta ) Geta that seems to choose people when young people wear them.This old man is stylish and fashionable!

Burnt skin ) The white T-shirt stands out!


An old man who wears a big mask and seems to say "Yeah! How are you?" ↑

I want to survive the summer as if I were an old man, without losing to the heat, mosquito attacks, and corona.

That's all for the coordination of a smart old man.