White T-shirt(Spin-off)

Heat of late summer we would like sympathy.

This is the 6th white T-shirt "Spin-off".

"Spin-off"is ...↓

This time is a dog!

White T-shirt)After wearing a regular white T-shirt, you can use your mouth to create a natural V-neck.(U^ω^U)。

The more time passes, the deeper the V-neck becomes.

He was a dog who always wanted to be a nude.


Where I live, I can hear Higurashi's voice.

It is said that the end of summer...

I don't like the heat in summer, but when I think it's over, I want to taste it a little more.


The rainy days continued and the intense heat subsided.

I can now sleep without turning on the air conditioner when I go to bed.

Please spend the end of summer in good health so that you will not get sick due to changes in temperature.