Yellow beak

As I was taking a walk with my dog, I eyes met something on the ground.

What! ?? Then the dog approaches Kunkun and it.

It was a hairball-like chick bird with a yellow beak.

A dog who can eat insects or anything.

It seems that he realized that he shouldn't eat it, so he slowly brought his nose closer.

The yellow beak that had one letter.

It's open,It will squeal.

That's scary, isn't it? I pulled the dog here.

This place is a sidewalk. Move to a nearby safe place so that the chicks will not be trampled.

When I got home and searched on the net, it was written that spring chicks seem to practice flying, so please do not touch them or take them home and try to protect them.I touched it ...

And I was thinking that it would be better to protect it.

Strong little life. It's most important to leave it alone.

I'm sorry for doing extra things ...