Eat as many Fuku-mame(Lucky beans) as the number of years old.

Yesterday was the setsubun on February 3rd.

Did you all eat Fuku-mameLucky beans?

A long-standing Japanese custom of eating Fuku beans for the number of your age(East Asian age reckoning +1),

hoping for a year of health and happiness.

"If you eat all the Fuku-mamelucky beans), you will grow taller."

Aki decides to eat Fuku-mamelucky beans.....

Many children think that Fuku beans are not delicious.

Aki was also not good at Fuku-mamelucky beans.

Stare at ..................

The line of sight secretly aiming at Fuku-mamelucky beans...!

Yossy(dog) who eats anything is nailed to Fuku beans so much that he drools.


Yossy ;『Aki, do you eat beans? I wonder if I can eat it ...

Aki ;『If you eat all these beans, you can grow bigger ...!

We had conflicts with each other and faced Fuku-mamelucky beans.


  ++  Today's illustrations  ++ 

And on February 1st of this week, China is celebrating the Chinese New Year, and it seems that it is now a New Year holiday.

Speaking of New Year, it's Fukuwarai.

Today's illustrations are represented by simple figures so that Fukuwarai can be done.


Aki's Fukuwarai


Yossy's Fukuwarai

If you like, print it out, cut it with scissors, and make a fukuwarai together and have fun!

Corona is not likely to converge yet.

I wish you all a healthy and happy life this year.☆彡

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