Moonlight trip

good evening.

It seems that yesterday was the day when the phenomenon of "almost total lunar eclipse" occurred.

I could see it in the eastern sky from where I lived.

It is said that seeing the solar eclipse with the naked eye, which hides the sun, causes dirt and ominous things from ancient times.

During the Abe no Seimei era, the aristocrats seemed to be hiding on the day of the solar eclipse.

What about a lunar eclipse? I was a little nervous while thinking.

The upper part was a reddish-brown gradation-like color, and it was much more three-dimensional and beautiful than the usual moon.

It was a moon that seemed to make me think that something good would happen.

The day before yesterday when such a thing happened.

(Picture: Pen)

Today's paintings were drawn a long time ago.

Looking at the moon, I feel like there is a story.

It seems that I drew it like that, but I can't remember clearly this time.

See you ♪